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   As  part of a twenty year career as a Creative Director, Art Director, Producer, Fashion Stylist and

Teacher at The Fashion Institute of Technology, my artistic pursuits were of a commercial venue.

 In 1989, while on a business trip in Paris, I saw a Gaugin retrospective that inspired me to change

my life.

 I retired from the advertising world and began painting full time.



                                 GALLERY SHOWS & EXHIBITIONS


The One Show - NYC

Marché d'Art Contemporain  -  Les Cerqueux sous Passavant, France

Galerie les Deux Arts - Les Cerqueux sous Passavant, France

The Grand Illusion East Hampton Gallery - New York City

The Phoebus 11 Gallery - Athens, Greece

Joe's Restaurant - New York City

The Clothesline Art Show - East Hampton, New York

Peveler's Interiors - Redondo Beach, California

'91 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Juror Faith Ringold

The Peconic Gallery - Riverhead, New York

Gone Local Gallery – East Hampton, New York

The Hudson Guild Show

The Islip Museum - New Beginnings

The Islip Museum - Forever Young

                                                 PRIVATE COLLECTIONS


 Dr. David Colbert, New York City                            Ms Susan A. Forbes, NYC                             Ms Susan C. Portin, Penn Valley, PA                        Mr. Vincent Marrapodi

Mr.& Mrs. Brian Gallagher, Bristol, CN                    Mr. Robert Hawthorne,  CA

Mr.& Mrs. Robert Huitron, NYC                               Mr.& Mrs. Andrew Baker, Brooklyn, NY

Ms Claudia Ferguson, Miami FLA                            Mr. Erlich Higal H., Staten Island, NY

Ms Elaine Patrone, Brooklyn NY                              Mr. Billy Miller, NYC

Mr.& Mrs. Seymour Ubell, NYC                                Mr.& Mrs. Robert Marrapodi , NY

Ms Choral Eddy, Brooklyn NY                                  Ms Lynne Belinski, NYC

Ms Joan Macort, Plymouth PA                                 Mr. Richard Rogers, NYC

Mr. Vincent Marrapodi, NYC                                    Ms M. Sellers, NJ

Mr. James Sena, Redondo Beach, CA                     Ms Frances Rice, NYC

Ms Dru Frederick, South Hampton, NY                   M. DeDe, Les Cerqueux s/Passavant, FR

Ms Karen Shaw, NY                                                    Mr.&Mrs. Dyon Abraham, FL

Mr.& Mrs. Bradley Shaw, NY                                      Mr.& Mrs. Frank Begrowicz, Miami, FL

Mr.& Mrs. Michael Santaro, Syracuse, NY                Ms MC Maisano, Ridgefield Park, NJ

Mr.& Mrs. James Black, NYC                                     Mrs. Desdimona Young, NY

Mr. Kevin Ward, Livingston , NJ                                Ms Susana O’Docharty, Dallas, Texas

Mme Dolores Tilkin  Paris, France                            Mme Hugette Coutelou, France

Ms M. Sottosanti, Tuscon, Arizona                            Ms Rosemary Gaffney, NYC

Ms Lynn Ubell Emerick, NYC                                     Ms C. Maini & Ms D. Parkhurst, NJ     

M  Janneteau, France


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