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The Ubell Family Story 

This will take you on a journey of the Ubell Family, as well as my personal process in painting it. The very first step is a meeting. Most of my meetings/interviews take place over the phone, but Ms Ubell resides locally, so we were able to meet in person. It was wonderful  seeing her home, asking questions about my subjects' life, experiencing their living space first hand...and analyzing what I would like to include in her “Family Story Portrait”

Ms Ubell's son Ben is a Poet and Musician so I asked her to send me some of his poems, (I included one that we both decided on in the portrait) and I also used a photo of him playing the guitar. Her other son is a Dancer, so there are images of him dancing in the trees and a childhood one from his performance in The Nutcracker. I noticed the magnificent view from the living room window so I photographed the view from her window at Christmas. I used it for the background of the painting. I also took childhood photos of Ms Ubell, and surprised her by using them as the "little girl" with the images of the boys as children.


Each Family Story Portrait is different, and my imagery, color, layout and creativity come from their personal stories.


My Family Story Portraits paintings are a permanent memento of your personal journeys through life. 

ShutterUbell copy.jpg

The Ubell's 

2014-02-27 12.31.36-1.jpg
2014-02-11 10.36.55.jpg
2014-05-19 14.58.03.jpg
2014-05-19 15.01.59.jpg
Feb 6 Ubell-night photo.jpg
The Santaros

The Santaro's

Original Photo for Christmas in Cholet
Christmas in Cholet

original photo taken in Cholet France         original painting "Christmas in Cholet

Michael Santaro Jr1
Mr&Mrs and cat & costumes

The Santaro Family Story 

This portrait was commissioned from my original, "Christmas in Cholet" painted on site at a Christmas festival in the city of Cholet France. It has become a favorite maquette for family portraits featuring children. This version was commissioned by Mr. Santaro to be given to his wife for a Birthday gift.

Included in the photos he provided, were photos of his wife, himself, their cat, and the children in their Halloween Costumes.

I included all of them in this portrait!

This “Christmas in Cholet” maquette is commissioned for a 36X48 canvas

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